Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance


To control plant growth, regular pruning is recommended. Pruning includes trimming off new plant growth, shaping the plant and removing any dead sections. In certain plants, some branches are trimmed to the base in order to thin the plant. Pruning gives your landscape a cleaner more structured look as well as the practicality of keeping bushes off of walkways and driveways.


Bed edging is not the same as the edging done by our mow crews While the mowers edge along walks and driveways our maintenance crews edge around trees and landscape beds. Bed edging can either be done with a spade shovel or through the use of our professional bed edging machine. A strong edge creates a great contrast between the green grass and the dark mulch filling the beds.


We offer many options in the area of flowers. Whether you want to plant bulbs that will grow and blossom or you want the instant results of a fresh flat of flowers we have got you covered. Contact us to do a walk through of your beds and find out what flowers are right for you.


Mulching is the final step in maintaining a pristine landscape bed. We offer many varieties of mulch. Things such as color and cut of the mulch are up to you! From red to brown to black, no job is finished until a fresh layer of mulch is applied. Mulch is typically applied at a rate of approximately 2 inches. “Preen” weed pre-emergent is also available.